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About Us

Opificio 77 is a Tuscan workshop which produces innovative, surprising handmade cocktails, ready to be served and enjoyed.
The blends, presented in a polished and refined packaging, are made using selected ingredients and characteristic peculiar scents, to which a pinch of alchemy is added so to make them unique.
Every single product is kept in a 700 ml refined glass bottle containing 8 to 10 cocktails each.
Our homemade drinks are ready to be drunk wherever you want.
The procedure is very simple: choose the right glass, put some ice, pour and drink!
Opificio 77 was born from one of Alessandro Gherardi’s idea. Alessandro is a Tuscan bartender and mixologist with a training of excellence and with an innate passion for the perfect alchemy of the elements.
All Opificio 77’s cocktail recipes were born from long and deep researches and experimentations made of contrasts and fusions, discoveries and intuitions.
The result is five unique cocktails you will love!. 

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